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What are the advantages of the offer?

Quick acquisition of relevant data

Pumox Web Crawlers are extremely fast and scan up to 40,000 pages per hour. Therefore our services allow our customers to make better business decisions in less time.

Low-cost data acquisition

By using our services you save money. Datasets containing hundreds or thousands of records can be obtained only with the support of modern IT tools, such as Screen Scraping. With us you only pay for what you get!

Improving data quality

We know that you expect data of the best quality. Therefore, datasets are not blindly acquired by our algorithms, but thoroughly checked and evaluated. In case of any discrepancies, manual intervention is performed immediately.

Automation of data processing

In order to use the data obtained from the websites, they must be partially unified, cleaned or formatted. This process, which is usually carried out manually, is largely eliminated during Web Scraping because the data is adjusted to the customer's needs in real time and saved at the very end.

Uncomplicated and simple

Customers receive data from us in popular formats, so they can use it right away. One of the formats we use is the Excel file format, which in most cases covers our customers' needs. If the data needs to be entered into external systems, we also offer integration of JSON, CSV, SQL, XML and even API files.

Always up-to-date

If you obtain data from websites that are frequently modified, we offer the possibility to set individual update intervals. Every hour, every day, every week or every month – it is all up to you! In addition, we also offer the possibility to save your change history.