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Custom software development and tools for your project is a service owned by Pumox GmbH, a software producer from Kassel. We specialize in creating non-standard IT solutions. Below you will find description of some of our services and tools that may interest you.

Customised Software

One of our key cognisance is custom software development, which is based on the .NET Framework. Not only can we help you in acquiring the suitable data, but also can support you in both their usage and further development. As a software producer we have a lot of experience, among others, in creating the following:

  • Web applications, from simple corporate/business websites to advanced web portals with load balancing and content management systems
  • Client-server models for all types of software used in companies (from CRM systems to ERP systems)
  • Desktop applications for individual use in the workplace

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Especially if you have special requirements, we will be happy to develop suitable software for you.

Your own search engine

Are there any sites that you would like to be browsed for you on a regular basis? Would you like to be automatically informed about new content?

If so, the Pumox Website Checker may be the perfect solution for you. It is a system with which you can index web pages on your computer and then browse them. Our Website Checker allows you to define certain keywords for which you will be automatically informed (Alerts). Another feature of the tool is the ability to create rules based on which certain text blocks will be automatically recognized and in turn easier for you to evaluate. Installation and operation take place on the computer, and the costs of use are flexibly and transparently agreed upon by means of a license model.

If you have any questions or interest in other features than those listed above, please contact us.

Automatic data acquisition and evaluation

Every day we’re flooded with new information. Therefore our aim is to help you to automate the acquisition and evaluation of data, which is relevant to your company.

Whether it is a medium-sized company, a large international company or a public institution: With innovative technologies, countless customer data, product information and other important facts can be collected, saved and evaluated. Big Data should not to be understood only as the scope, but primarily as the type of evaluation. It is important to remember that drawing the right conclusions on the basis of Business Intelligence and Competitive Intelligence requires technical support.

We would be more than happy to support you in this challenge.

Tools to extend your application or website

Whether in real life or on the Internet, the world is spinning faster and faster. A key to success of your company may be easing the task of analysing and managing the data for customers. Both simplification of the offer and detailed information about, which is easily accessible, can distinguish your offer from the competition. Below are some tools you may find interesting:

  • Automatic distance calculation
  • Displaying nearby POIs
  • Area calculation based on maps
  • Spell-checking of web pages, e.g. for webmasters

The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is to outline your idea and explain your concept and goals to us.