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Population structure in Saxony-Anhalt

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What does the dataset contain?
This dataset contains the list of Saxony-Anhalt places in Germany along with essential details about population structure. We provide general data such as official municipality key (AGS), postal code, name of a given commune and county as well as the type of each place. Among the records related to the population structure are the area in km² and the total number of citizens (including male inhabitants, female inhabitants and inhabitants per km²). In total, our dataset contains 216 records and is available in Excel format. Our up-to-date list gives you opportunity to save your time on search and gives you access to all needed information about the population in Saxony-Anhalt.

When was the data collected?
July 2021

In which file format is the data provided?

How many records does the dataset have?

Which data fields does the dataset contain?
AGS Code [216 = 100,0%]
Commune [216 = 100,0%]
County [216 = 100,0%]
State [216 = 100,0%]
Postal Code [216 = 100,0%]
Commune Type [216 = 100,0%]
Area km² [216 = 100,0%]
Citizen Total [216 = 100,0%]
Citizen Man [216 = 100,0%]
Citizen Women [216 = 100,0%]
Citizens per km² [216 = 100,0%]

Do you need more information about this dataset?
If you need more information about the dataset Population structure in Saxony-Anhalt, please contact us and we will try to collect the missing data for you.

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Are you looking for a reliable software house that supports you in using the data in the process of creating individual IT solutions? Pumox GmbH can be your IT partner for process automation, business intelligence, interface development and other software solutions. Find out more here.

What is the source of the data?
These data were collected from sources, which are publically available on the Internet. The data was thoroughly selected and enriched.


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