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Speed cameras in Austria

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What does the dataset contain?
The dataset contains the list of 857 locations, where speed cameras in Austria are located. Moreover, the majority of entries contains information about the speed limit on the particular road on which the speed monitoring device is located. The dataset of speed cameras in Austria includes geographical coordinates of a given speed camera allowing a trouble-free localisation.

When was the data collected?
August 2019

In which file format is the data provided?

How many records does the dataset have?

Which data fields does the dataset contain?
Latitude [857 = 100,0%]
Longitude [857 = 100,0%]
Speed limit [350 = 40,8%]

Do you need more information about this dataset?
If you need more information about the dataset Speed cameras in Austria, please contact us and we will try to collect the missing data for you.

Would you like to use this data to create innovative IT solutions?
Are you looking for a reliable software house that supports you in using the data in the process of creating individual IT solutions? Pumox GmbH can be your IT partner for process automation, business intelligence, interface development and other software solutions. Find out more here.

What is the source of the data?
The data were taken from OpenStreetMap ( and are available under the Open Database Licence (ODbL). The cartography is licensed under CC BY-SA. Any further use of the data must be under the licences and each time their source must be mentioned. The possible price refers to the processing costs of and not to the licence fee. OpenStreetMap data can be reused without any licence fees.


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