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What a concise database of mayors of German communes can do for your business?

Data-driven analysis and relevant decision-making procedures have become influential in the world of business and other official works. When an analysis is backed up by data from various sources, it makes the decision and the task more efficient. Data based decision-making procedures also leads organizations to improve their service constantly and make necessary changes depending on the dataset and analysis. 

When conducting any administrative, development, or research work, relevant data is indispensable. Finding different sets of data, organizing them all in order, and creating a database is daunting and time-consuming. Datashop24 team has worked for nearly a year to create this database where you can find accurate and carefully analyzed information on German mayors. 

Our newly available database is a compiled list of mayors in Germany. We have invested great labour and time to make sure what you get has relevant details, and is completely organized and error-free. Our databases will save you from the trouble of manually collecting data and help you focus on the rest of your business.

For instance, German municipal offices and relevant organizations often face difficulties regarding specific information about a German commune such as addresses, mail addresses of each of 14 thousand German communes, as well as the contact data to their mayors in office.

A carefully created database and dataset consisting of postal codes, e-mail addresses and addresses along with names of mayors, their sex, personal information, and party affiliation will make the municipal work; town planners’ works more transparent and efficient. We realized the necessity of such an organized database and developed a database dedicated to parishes and names of mayors. This is one of our many successful projects.

How can you benefit from our database?

With all the names and contact details of parishes in one place, parishes’ leaders can communicate on a greater scale with ease. Enhanced communication of leaders will bring forth new opportunities and better solutions for dealing with societal problems. Through information of addresses and email addresses of decision makers in a given parish, businesses would be able build better relationships by sending newsletters and business emails.

For potential investors, the contact details of area specific decision makers and the information about the population of German parishes available in the population structure of German parishes will be valuable. The essential knowledge for, among others, property investors and town planners, it is to be familiarized with the population growth. The access to current population figures will assist in its estimation. Population growth is a good indicator for areas which are high in demand, understanding the urbanisation process, and property prices. Also, cartographers, and structural and design engineers need geo data for ensuring viability and stability of various buildings and structures.

The work of a sociologist for understanding of political systems will also get easier thanks to the usage of our services. The extensive information of current mayors and their party affiliations listed in the mentioned dataset will make it more convenient for sociologists to reach out to people and groups of their interest. Besides, by downloading the dataset of the population structure of German parishes, one will be provided with the population segmented into gender and consequently can get a fair idea of the power and role of gender in the political system through further investigation.

Why should you trust us?

We have created our online store with the aim to support various stakeholders in the society. Marketers and advertisers can use our database for preparing an efficient market analysis and sending advertising campaigns to the appropriate target group. Entrepreneurs and traders can get support in the process of acquiring leads thanks to advanced data analysis, machine learning and integration of data from various sources.

 Our database has a well-planned classification system to ensure you have easy access for finding and retrieving data. Our database can prove as a powerful instrument that will assist you with your information and marketing needs.  It can be used in a variety of ways such as maintaining a business directory, accessing survey information, telemarketing, conducting market research and business analysis, capacity planning, determining upcoming trends and so on. We have compiled this list so you can easily decide who you want to reach out and connect with them without any hassle. has a vision of promoting the use of data to achieve data driven decisions which are purposeful and have practical value. We ensure ethical and responsible stewardship of the database we gather and analyse. We are committed to providing 100% error-free data for our success is dependent on your trust.

On purchase of the database, immediate access will be given to the buyer. Our database is available for download in various formats, including the excel format so you can store, retrieve, print and export the data with convenience and ease.

You can also ask our teamto prepare specific datasets for you. We will gather the necessary information and create databases and datasets as per your requirement; you can get the datasets in any format you want.

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